Hire a road bicycle and travel to the Barcelona Triathlon without hazels.

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Cycling No Limit, S.L.
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" It’s a privilege for me as for the triathlon amateurs to take part in this event. "


Bicycle power and lactate test:

The test to evaluate power and lactate in cyclists conducted at Ergodinámica Clínica simultaneously monitors the variables that determine athletic performance.

This analysis focuses on the relationship that exists between the muscles used to pedal, whose mechanical response is gauged using power sensors in the pedals that reliably measure the force transmitted by the cyclist as he pedals. Meanwhile, a surface electromyograph is used to analyse any imbalances in the muscles involved in the cyclic pedalling motion. All this physiological information is then cross-checked against blood lactate levels and heart rate.

The test can be run on the user’s own bicycle to guarantee the accuracy of the data that the cyclist will later see reflected on the road. This entails using aerodynamically loaded rollers that reproduce the same perceived effort that the user would feel on the asphalt. This is essential to ensuring that the data on power, lactate and heart rate thresholds is the same as during a workout or an actual competition.

With mechanical data on the one hand and physiological data on the other, we are able to understand the athlete’s characteristics, correct muscle or joint deficiencies, determine aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and, essentially, improve athletic performance. We do this by giving the athlete or coach a detailed report at the end of the test with the parameters analysed. This information is required in order to effectively plan a new training routine.

Our bicycle power and lactate test is recommended for cyclists or triathletes who want to improve their pedalling technique, increase their power output or improve their performance on the road.

Get ready for the BARCELONA TRIATHLON in one of the collaborating fitness centres. Choose the one that best suits you, let yourself advice and begin to prepare for the great event of October 8th.

Duet Sports y Duet Fit

In our 14 centers Duet Sports and Duet Fit we offer fitness and health service high quality at a very affordable price. Handy amenities include a variety of options (fitness, guided activities , training programs , swimming pool, water , paddle ...) to improve your fitness, train and your quality of life.
And you also have the opportunity to enjoy the triathlon with our club Duet Triathlon. Our experts will help you get started or to improve in all three distances. Dare!
The Duet Tri includes free entry to all specific classroom training ( Tri Swim , Tri Bike and Tri Run ), Trisuit, enrollment in the federation, weekly training programsdeveloped by coaches and special prices in events organized by the club.

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Holmes Place - Fitness Wellness Spa

For us it is very important that you enjoy your workouts, while achieving your goals and for that we encourage you to get ready for the Barcelona Triathlon at Holmes Place. You can do it through our personal training service or through our Triathlon club, available in some clubs. Find out more. T. 902 30 22

One life. Live it well.

DiR Sport Club & Spa

Train with our Club TriDiR: Weekly guided sessions for specific triathlon training with 6 specialized trainers DiR. The sessions included a weekly running training (Wednesday at 8pm in DiR Diagonal) and swimming (Fridays 19h in the pool 50meters away from DiR Diagonal) and 2 outputs a month on road bike. Now you can prepare the Barcelona Triathlon training with the best coaches in the Club TriDiR in the most complete facilities in the city .

Also, if you prefer, you can individually train your challenge with our Personal Trainers and achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

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Once you gone through the check-in go to your rack spot in the transition which will be marked with your race number. (Picture 1).

Don’t leave bags or other things in transition, only the stuff you need for the race can be there. Take what you don’t need to the storage area or leave it in your car. (Picture 2)

Rack your bicycle on the bar by the saddle. Place on the floor or on the handlebar the helmet (it must be placed face up, and with the straps unfastened and out the helmet), sunglasses, gels, cycling shoes, running shoes, hat, the race belt you’re your race number (remember that you can not swim with it), etc. (Picture 3)

Put on the timing chip on your ankle and don’t take it off until you cross the finish line. There the volunteers will collect it. Adjust it well not to lose itll! (Picture 4)

Go to the swim start area with enough time to get ready. We recommend you to go some 30 minutes before you wave start.


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4



Swim 1st Transition: swim to cycle Cycle

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Second transition: cycle to run Run Race finish



General rules

You are not allowed to:

The Swim The Cycle The Run

Barcelona Triathlon will offer you multiple aid stations during the race to help you reach the finish line in the best conditions.

Olympic distance race Sprint distance race SuperSprint distance race
Swim exit Water, Powerade and Energy gels Water and Powerade Water and Powerade
Run Km 2 - 8: Water and Powerade
Km 5: Water, Powerade and Energy gels
Km 2 - 3: Water and Powerade Km 0: Water and Powerade
Finish Water- Powerade - Fruit Water - Powerade - Fruit Water - Powerade - Fruit




The importance of being well hydrated

Water is the most abundant component of the human body, essential for life: you can spend several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Water is a calorie free nutrient without calories needed for the body to be maintained properly structured and in perfect working order. The loss of only 10% of body water is a serious health risk.

Water is involved directly in different functions:

What is dehydration?

It is the loss of body fluid due to sweat over a physical exercise without fluid replacement, or when this replacement does not compensate the amount lost.
Dehydration has a negative impact on health and physical performance: impairs the ability to perform short-term high intensity as well as long-term efforts.

Dehydration can occur by:

  1. Intense physical exercise (involuntary dehydration)
  2. Low fluids intake before and / or during physical activity
  3. Exposure to a hot and humid environment (eg saunas)
  4. Taking diuretics.

What is thirsty?

The thirst is the basic need or desire to drink, caused by the decrease of water contained in the tissues.

In normal conditions, thirst is a good sign to announce a more or less important decreased in hydration, but when you lose a lot of liquid, usually due to continuous and/or intense physical exercise, the loss of thirst does not mean that the body has reached a balance between gains and losses of water (euhydration): the athlete can stop drinking without completing rehydration (recovery of lost water until its normalization in the body).

Therefore, thirst is not a reliable indicator of the need for body fluids, and is by it should be encouraged to follow correct hydration guidelines together with a daily diet (adapted to individual needs) and forming part of the training program ("invisible training").

What is a sports drink?

It is a drink specially designed for people doing demanding physically exercise and intense muscular damage.

These drinks have a specific composition to achieve rapid absorption of water and electrolytes, and prevent fatigue. Their three main objectives are:

  1. Provide carbohydrates to maintain adequate blood glucose concentration and delay the depletion of glycogen stores.
  2. Replacement of electrolytes especially sodium
  3. Fluid replacement to prevent dehydration.

Sodium is the electrolyte that is lost most in sweat. When added to sports drinks it meets three important functions: to improve the absorption of fluids, along with a certain amount of sugar, keep the feeling of thirst and favor fluid retention in the kidneys.

Also accelerates the absorption of carbohydrates and enhances the taste of the drink.
Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the muscle, and delay the appearance of fatigue.