Hire a road bicycle and travel to the Barcelona Triathlon without hazels.

Check out their prices and rental extras such as cycling shoes, helmets, hotel delivery, etc.

Carrer Calàbria, 169 6º 1ª 08015 Barcelona, ES
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" It’s a privilege for me as for the triathlon amateurs to take part in this event. "

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"We wish you much success"

Nexus Med, is a clinic of Holistic Medicine and specialized in aging with quality of life. It is the official clinic of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander and deals with the overall health of the athlete.

We understand the demands of high performance athletes and customize each treatment making it exclusive for each athlete.

The work of Nexus Med is based on its experience of more than 30 years, balancing conventional athletic training with different techniques and treatments, from conventional medicine to holistic medical treatments or the combination of both:

  • Sports Genomics Medicine
  • Reconstructive Medicine
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Chinese medicine
  • Manual therapy
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Sports coaching
  • Sophrology, method used by high performance athletes, to stimulate recovery before and after training, prevent injuries and maximize sports performance.

Our Sports Medicine treatments are adapted to the needs of each athlete, therefore, they are individualized. We prepare the athlete not only to recover the existing conditions, but also to learn to prevent future diseases, especially not to injure themselves and to compensate for the exhaustion and thus enjoy a unique and satisfactory experience towards optimal health and well-being in their life and to achieve their personal success

If you need more information write us an email to or you can call 617974998.

In Nexus Med we will help you in everything you need for your preparation, prevention and healing in sports and in your health with quality of life.

We wish you much success!


Do you want to measure your evolution and performance?

Our service of Advanced Corporal Composition (BODYSCAN) with DEXA technology (the reference technique of the market) will transform your sensations in data to analyse and evaluate them, measuring your performance and improvement.

With our study DEXA you will know the % and weight of:

  • Lean (muscle + water)
  • Fat
  • Visceral Fat (VAT)
  • Bone Mineral Content (BMC)
  • Distributed by zones and side left and right


  • Basal Metabolism
  • % Lean Tissue
  • Waist / Hip Relation
  • % Of Total fat and grams
  • Comparative chart
  • Table of corporal differences in zones for Lean and Fat
  • Chart with all the data

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Get ready for the BARCELONA TRIATHLON in one of the collaborating fitness centres. Choose the one that best suits you, let yourself advice and begin to prepare for the great event of October 8th.


Holmes Place - Fitness Wellness Spa

Holmes Place quiere acompañarte durante este viaje. Por ello, puedes contar con nuestra experiencia de más de 30 años y con el testimonio de más de 260.000 socios. Nuestro equipo de Personal Trainers te guiarán durante toda tu preparación para que disfrutes de Barcelona Triathlon by Santander durante todo el camino: por mar, sobre ruedas y por tierra. ¿Necesitas mejorar tu técnica, prevenir lesiones y conseguir de una forma fácil y segura tus objetivos? Infórmate de los asesoramientos de running, postural, Art of Swimming, fisioterapia y nutrición en nuestro Holmes Place Clinic

More info: or 902 30 22 00

Enjoy the journey.

Duet Sports y Duet Fit

In our 19 sports and fitness centers Duet Sports and Duet Fit, we offer fitness and health service high quality at a very affordable price. Handy amenities include a variety of options (fitness, guided activities , training programs , swimming pool, water , paddle ...) to improve your fitness, train and your quality of life.
And you also have the opportunity to enjoy the triathlon with our club Duet Triathlon. Our experts will help you get started or to improve in all three distances. Dare!
The Duet Tri includes free entry to all specific classroom training ( Tri Swim , Tri Bike and Tri Run ), Trisuit, enrollment in the federation, weekly training programsdeveloped by coaches and special prices in events organized by the club.

For more info:

DiR Sport Club & Spa

Train with our Club TriDiR: Weekly guided sessions for specific triathlon training with 6 specialized trainers DiR. The sessions included a weekly running training (Wednesday at 8pm in DiR Diagonal) and swimming (Fridays 19h in the pool 50meters away from DiR Diagonal) and 2 outputs a month on road bike. Now you can prepare the Barcelona Triathlon training with the best coaches in the Club TriDiR in the most complete facilities in the city .

Also, if you prefer, you can individually train your challenge with our Personal Trainers and achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Email us at and we will help you to prepare your sporting challenges, the best way and in the best facilities.

Enjoy the experience Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, this is our aim.


The excuses are over: easier impossible. You choose the segment you want to participate in: swimming, cycling or running. We take care of completing your relay team.

The organizers of Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, in collaboration with Fasttriatlon Club, puts at your disposal this service so you can enjoy the experience of being in one of the best triathlons in Europe. Thanks to our data base with all kind of athletes, you will be able to find your ideal team adapted to your level and preferences.


Come on! The finish line is waiting for you!

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